Adding a background option to Picto Selector

There have been some requests for backgrounds for a while now. The good news is that i’m currently adding this to Picto Selector!!
First I have created a way to handle transparent backgrounds. Only a part of the symbols should be a background.
Next I have to add the transparency information to the existing symbols. I do this by assuming that the upper left pixel is part of the background and can be replaced by the background color. Starting with this color i give all the other pixels with the same color surrounding this pixel the background color.

An example, no background information entered:

Then I start with the (0,0) pixel:

As you can see there is a part which is not yet known as background, so we add a point there:

And finally I want to make the background more smooth by increasing the tolerance that is used to to replace the colors. For the Sclera symbols it seems that 50 is a good value:

What I did was using fill position (0,0) and tolerance 50 for all Sclera symbols and i’m now checking for more fill positions. And sometimes I have to decrease the tolerance to get a better result.

The good news is that the Mulberry have already a perfect transparent background. The bad news is that it take some time to check all other symbols 🙂

Here an example of a pictosheet with several background colors:

The transparency will also be added to the Picto Creator.


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Creator of Picto-Selector, father of 3 children, one of them Autistic
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