Sending email with attachment from your Delphi application using http

I wanted to send emails from Picto-Selector and I was using my own SMTPserver for this. However SMTP is often blocked and it even triggered a firewall in the past when some people from different locations were sending emails almost at the same time…


So I looked for a way to send email with attachment using my webserver. I came up with the code in this example

You will need to replace the password ‘useyourownpassword’ in both the Delphi and php code to use it on your own webserver.

Part of the php code

The delphi code is in fact doing this:


This is done in Delphi with a Indy HTTP component:



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4 Responses to Sending email with attachment from your Delphi application using http

  1. I tried to turn off firewall but no success. Let’s try this simple script, thanks a lot!

  2. achristouio says:

    Might have a limitation on upload file size. Often set default to 8 kb or so.

  3. achristouio says:

    You can also use the put command to send the file and also get to receive files using a stream to receive the file(s)

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