Commercial value of Picto Selector

I was wondering lately how much it would cost a company to create a tool like Picto Selector. So i started to estimate the total hours I’ve put into the project. This includes the translation to Dutch and English.

Time flies when having fun 🙂

In a company it costs over 100 euro per hour.

I also looked how much it cost to let a translation company translate Picto Selector into another language: 5000 euro. Assuming that most symbols are now also translated to French, German and Danish. It adds another 15000…

Adding other overhead costs I come to the conclusion that the current commercial value is something of 150.000 euro 🙂
Not bad for a hobby project…


About Picto-Selector

Creator of Picto-Selector, father of 3 children, one of them Autistic
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3 Responses to Commercial value of Picto Selector

  1. what exactly does PictoSelector do? interested in a Brazilian Portuguese translation?!

    Victory Fernandes

    • Picto Selector is used to create visual schedules. Using pictures to explain/show a task. It contains over 23000 images and provides a easy way to order the images in a meaningfull way. It is written for parents and teachers of children with autism. And also used in many “normal” schools, speech therapists etc.

      Picto Selector is already partly translated by a volunteer to Brazilian Portuguese but this translation is not complete. The Portuguese translation is maintained by Luiz Marques (Starglider Systems).

      Any help in it’s translation is welcome ofcourse!

  2. just let me know how can I help! send me the partially translated file and I will contribute!

    Victory Fernandes

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