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Visual Schedule: Shower Schedule

This schedule is used to show our son when we expect him to take a shower. When to change clothes and which underwear he should replace. This schedule as a PDF: Shower Schedule And a Picto Selector Export file: Shower … Continue reading

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Visual schedule: Going to bed

This is a schedule we have used for a long time when our son went to bed. Whenever he was distracted we only needed to ask what was done already and he went on with the next step. After a … Continue reading

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Congratulations! Your Child Is Strange

A free book from a autist for parents of autistic children Continue reading

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References and blogs about Picto Selector

There are a lot of references to Picto Selector. On 22 november 2009 a dutch articles was put at: it generated a lot of dutch visits the early months, i did not track them at that time On 23 februari 2010 … Continue reading


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Autism and making money

Today I saw a twitter message: “The Parenting Aspergers Resource Guide Volume 2 » Parenting … <removed link> #aspergers #autism” It turns out to be a advertisement for a so called ebook about asperger. Maybe it is a good book, … Continue reading

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Hello world!

On this blog i want to share my thoughts about Picto Selector, visual schedules and other autism related news and issues. Hope you will like it 🙂

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