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Creator of Picto-Selector, father of 3 children, one of them Autistic

Sending email with attachment from your Delphi application using http

I wanted to send emails from Picto-Selector and I was using my own SMTPserver for this. However SMTP is often blocked and it even triggered a firewall in the past when some people from different locations were sending emails almost … Continue reading

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Adding MultiSelect to firemonkey’s TGrid

Delphi XE4 is nice and the Firemonkey framework is a lot more stable than the version that was included with XE2. However there is still a lot of functionality missing and that is why I added MultiSelect to the TGrid … Continue reading

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Picto Selector and MAC

Later this summer I hope to buy my first MacBook and i would like to create a MAC version of Picto Selector. (At least I can improvide support with Wine Bottler) I would like to build a Picto Selector that … Continue reading

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Commercial value of Picto Selector

I was wondering lately how much it would cost a company to create a tool like Picto Selector. So i started to estimate the total hours I’ve put into the project. This includes the translation to Dutch and English. Time … Continue reading

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Code signing Picto Selector

Do you recognize this message when you start the Picto Selector setup? I’ve bought a code signing certificate and now you get: I’ve used the option to buy a certificate for 5 years, I hope to get enough donations in … Continue reading

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Online Backups and a giveaway

Why backups? Did you ever wonder what you would miss when you’re computer is destroyed (and I mean burned or stolen or something like that). How many photo’s and documents will be lost? And in my situation the Picto Selector … Continue reading

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Flexible Sheets, Picto Creator and Sclera Pictos = version 1.6

The version with all the new stuff is progressing nicely. A lot of changes needs to be tested but all the new features are added and complete now. Here some screenshots: Each object can be moved, resized and changed in … Continue reading

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Picto Creator progress and adding 1500000 symbols

I’m currently integrating Picto Creator into Picto Selector. I want it to be possible to copy a picto item from a existing pictosheet or the picto list to Picto Creator. Part of Picto Creator is a new system of creating … Continue reading

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Adding a background option to Picto Selector

There have been some requests for backgrounds for a while now. The good news is that i’m currently adding this to Picto Selector!! First I have created a way to handle transparent backgrounds. Only a part of the symbols should … Continue reading

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Picto Creator

Sometimes you just want to change a existing symbol or create a simpel new one. I’m currently working on Picto Creator which will be part of Picto Selector. Here is a sneak preview, it is not integrated yet, but my … Continue reading

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