Picto Creator progress and adding 1500000 symbols

I’m currently integrating Picto Creator into Picto Selector.

I want it to be possible to copy a picto item from a existing pictosheet or the picto list to Picto Creator.

Part of Picto Creator is a new system of creating symbols. I’m working together with Bart Serrien of Sclera to create a picto that is a combination of several images into one new image. So far i’m calling it Sclera Picto.

The images can be combined into 1,500,000 pictos for example:


Of courser a lot of those combinations are not usable for normal use or very unlikely. But we want to extend this further and it looks very promising.

To do:

  • Copying of picto’s to Picto Creator, both from the picto sheet and pictolist – almost ready
  • Adding the Sclera Picto as a new picto type to both picto sheets and Picto Creator – not started yet
  • Adding Picto Creator to the database (to store it’s pictos in the database) – not started yet
  • Implementing synchronization of the Picto Creator pictos – not started yet
  • Implementing selection of Picto Creator pictos in the Picto List – not started yet

Enough to do 🙂


About Picto-Selector

Creator of Picto-Selector, father of 3 children, one of them Autistic
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