Picto Creator

Sometimes you just want to change a existing symbol or create a simpel new one.
I’m currently working on Picto Creator which will be part of Picto Selector. Here is a sneak preview, it is not integrated yet, but my goal is to have all symbols you create with Picto Creator to be published in the picto list. (And saved to the same database, available for all users)

Here an example of a sunday symbol:

And what if I want to change this one?

Now I want a symbol of this dog without tail:

Just use the dog as a background and put something in front of the tail…

It is also possible to use images: zoom and rotate them:

So stay tuned i hope to have this ready before the end of this year


About Picto-Selector

Creator of Picto-Selector, father of 3 children, one of them Autistic
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