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Providing structure and order to your autistic child

It’s holiday for many children. But it can be difficult to enjoy this time with autistic children when all structure is gone. That’s why routines and schedules are very important these days. Creating them is affordable to everyone now and … Continue reading


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Picto Selector Database – more status

I had a request for a portable version of Picto Selector which will be used as a extra on the USB stick of the visitors of Modem-dag, a Belgium event at 11 february. But to get the USB’s ready i … Continue reading

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Version 1.2.14 is now online

Additions: 201 Sclera symbols, translated to English, Dutch and French Most of the Arasaac symbols are translated to portuguese brazilian and portuguese. Poruguese is also added to the installer and as a selectable language in Picto Selector. Picto Selector it … Continue reading

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Designing a database for Picto Selector – status and user pictos

Status The local storage (phase 1) is now working and i’m continuing with testing the multi user / network storage. Conflicting changes and users The biggest thing with a network version is the situation when multiple people are changing a … Continue reading

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