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Overlijden Opa

Toen mijn vader op vrijdag 11 maart op 78 jarige leeftijd onverwacht stierf moesten we snel schakelen. Onze jongste zoon van 8 jaar die autisme heeft was naar de logeeropvang en we wonen op 260 km afstand. Hoe de week erop zou verlopen … Continue reading

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Providing structure and order to your autistic child

It’s holiday for many children. But it can be difficult to enjoy this time with autistic children when all structure is gone. That’s why routines and schedules are very important these days. Creating them is affordable to everyone now and … Continue reading


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Visual Schedule: Shower Schedule

This schedule is used to show our son when we expect him to take a shower. When to change clothes and which underwear he should replace. This schedule as a PDF: Shower Schedule And a Picto Selector Export file: Shower … Continue reading

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Visual schedule: Going to bed

This is a schedule we have used for a long time when our son went to bed. Whenever he was distracted we only needed to ask what was done already and he went on with the next step. After a … Continue reading

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References and blogs about Picto Selector

There are a lot of references to Picto Selector. On 22 november 2009 a dutch articles was put at: it generated a lot of dutch visits the early months, i did not track them at that time On 23 februari 2010 … Continue reading

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