Database version status – beta now! – (update)

I’ve just send a message to the translators with the following text 🙂 :

This is the new beta including the database part, which means that there is a lot to translate.

If you already started with translating the earlier beta, please send me what you finished so far and I will update your work with some new texts.

You can find the beta at:

If you want you can install it over the old Picto Selector, or use another folder and change the pictofolder. The database in this version will be updated when needed.

This version includes:

  • database phase 1: local database
  • database phase 2: network database
  • database phase 3: manual and semi automatic synchronization
  • portable: put the complete installation (including images) on a removable disk to run it in portable mode
  • svg image support, the nounproject svg files (”) can be used as user pictos, thanks to Nils Haeck M.Sc. of who donated the source to enable this.

Also several bugfixes on the earlier version.

(Update 27 january 2011) Now working on a final build and all the needed documentation, website updates etc for this new version. Will go life this weekend if nothing bad shows up

About Picto-Selector

Creator of Picto-Selector, father of 3 children, one of them Autistic
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