Providing structure and order to your autistic child

It’s holiday for many children. But it can be difficult to enjoy this time with autistic children when all structure is gone.

That’s why routines and schedules are very important these days. Creating them is affordable to everyone now and very easy to do.

Just start with the most important things: getting out of bed, eating, drinking, what to do this morning, tomorrow’s morning, this evening etc.

When you make a schedule you can best follow it and if something changes also change the schedule. You can do this in Picto Selector or use a pencel when the schedule was printed.

The level of details depends on the needs of your child. Some children need details for each quarter with time to time descriptions and another only for morning, afternoon and evening.

Just give it a try and provide your child with visual clues about his or her time. What can you lose?

More information:

About Picto-Selector

Creator of Picto-Selector, father of 3 children, one of them Autistic
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