Picto Selector Database – more status

I had a request for a portable version of Picto Selector which will be used as a extra on the USB stick of the visitors of Modem-dag, a Belgium event at 11 february.

But to get the USB’s ready i will need a proper version next wednesday (22 december) so i ‘m in a hurry to get it ready.

But it looks fine so far. I’ve used the new database version and rechecked whether everything is now stored in the database. And when picto selector is started from a removable disk it will now start in portable mode. Which means that the computername to store it’s settings is always the same. User picto’s are only stored in a sub folder and png’s are always read from another sub folder.

The portable mode also displays a warning about the need to properly close the application before disconnecting.

The tests i needed to do for this portable version also stabilizes the ‘normal’ local storage option. They are identical only is the location of the database fixed to be in a subfolder.

I’ve also started on synchronization. The manual synchronization is almost working (no user interface yet), which means that I can merge two databases. This can result in duplication of users if the unique id’s are different. There’s not much i can do about that without difficult algoritmes and comparison dialogs. (if 2 users are really the same you can always merge them yourself by giving the picto sheets to 1 user and delete the other, but at least you will know why you do it)

When this works i will continue with the semi automatic synchronization. It is semi because you will have to start it manually. And before using the first time a manual synchronization will be an option to get it working. After the first time only changes will be synchronized. Deletions, inserts and changes will be replicated in the other database.

The way it works should be:

  1. Installing Picto Selector on the system(s)
  2. Run it on all systems to create a first user and import the ‘old’ picto sheets into that user
  3. Synchronize manually on the systems to a network database (only needed when using local storage)
  4. Do a first semi automatic synchronization to initialize it

Then each time you want (once a week for instance) you can start the semi automatic synchronization which synchronizes only the changes after the last synchronization

When this works as expected I will publish the first database version. I will give it some time to ensure everyting works ok and add a automatic synchronization which will try to connect to the other database by itself and synchronize in the background while using Picto Selector.

If people want to test the network version send me a message then I wil add you to a beta group.

About Picto-Selector

Creator of Picto-Selector, father of 3 children, one of them Autistic
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