Visual Schedule: Shower Schedule

This schedule is used to show our son when we expect him to take a shower. When to change clothes and which underwear he should replace.

This schedule as a PDF: Shower Schedule

And a Picto Selector Export file: Shower Schedule.pszip (Use this file to edit this schedules to your own needs)

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Visual schedule: Going to bed

This is a schedule we have used for a long time when our son went to bed. Whenever he was distracted we only needed to ask what was done already and he went on with the next step.

After a while this schedule became his normal bed ritual and it was no longer needed.

This schedule as a PDF: Going to sleep

And a Picto Selector Export file: Going to bed.pszip (Use this file to edit this schedules to your own needs)

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Congratulations! Your Child Is Strange

A free book written by an autist: The book is basically Autism 101.

It covers topics like:

  • What is autism
  • What causes it
  • What to do about it
  • How does an autistic person think
  • What causes the problems
  • How to deal with the problems
  • What to do about socializing
  • what to do about stimming
  • what treatment programs and medications are there and which ones should you get
  • should you tell your child that they are autistic
  • what long term plans should you have
  • and so forth.

It doesn’t cover absolutely everything that every parent needs to know, but it tries to handle the most common questions that parents ask themselves. It also helps to explain what is really important and worth focusing on, and it has been getting good reviews from the people who helped review the rough drafts.

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References and blogs about Picto Selector

There are a lot of references to Picto Selector.

On 22 november 2009 a dutch articles was put at:
it generated a lot of dutch visits the early months, i did not track them at that time

On 23 februari 2010 a nice review on It generated about 1000 visits in the last half year.

24 march a link on  which generated over 500 visits. It is a nice resource if you are looking for images and schedules.

30 april a link on a french website which generate aver 1000 visits. It was a very simple reference but read by a lot of people…

6 juli was the start of the German version: in a month time all 14000 symbols were translated to German and the website was also translated. Over 600 visits in 1 months and the newsitem itself had over 3500 views 🙂

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Autism and making money

Today I saw a twitter message: “The Parenting Aspergers Resource Guide Volume 2 » Parenting … <removed link> #aspergers #autism”

It turns out to be a advertisement for a so called ebook about asperger. Maybe it is a good book, maybe not. But if he really beliefs in his book then he would give it for free and ask donations for it. It is a risk, but if it is good then people will donate….

Is it me or are there a lot of people preying on the parents of autistic children?

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Hello world!

On this blog i want to share my thoughts about Picto Selector, visual schedules and other autism related news and issues. Hope you will like it 🙂

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