Version 1.5.10 is now online, over 19000 symbols now!!


  • 226 new Sclera symbols, translated to english, dutch, french
  • Czech language, many thanks to Hana Kubíková
  • Insert selected Pictos into Word, with a options dialog in the settings menu
  • Network symbols. Almost the same as User Symbols, but you can only choose a network location and it is available for all computers in the network (using the same database)


  • Now also possible to print the picto names above the pictos

Fixed problem:

  • In some situations a extra line was printed at the right side of the symbols
  • In some situations a there was a problem with the language selection dialog, it made it impossible to change the language
  • It was impossible to copy a original layout template

The new version can be installed by selecting the menu item “Check for updates” in the “Help” menu.

NEW: Reward Cards
This is a new application that can be used to create reward cards (a card for stamps). We use it on our school to track the amount of books readed by some students.

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Version 1.5.5 is now online


  • 605 Mulberry symbols, translated to nl, en and fr
  • 204 Sclera symbols, translated to nl, en and fr
  • a layout template for 2 symbols and 1 Text, used by school “De Ruimte”


  • problem with copied photo pictos on a network database
  • storing the print cutting edge was failing (it stayed on)

The new version can be installed by selecting the menu item “Check for updates” in the “Help” menu.

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Overlijden Opa

Toen mijn vader op vrijdag 11 maart op 78 jarige leeftijd onverwacht stierf moesten we snel schakelen. Onze jongste zoon van 8 jaar die autisme heeft was naar de logeeropvang en we wonen op 260 km afstand. Hoe de week erop zou verlopen was onduidelijk. Al met al genoeg reden voor punthoofden en stress.

We besloten hem daar te laten en eerst duidelijk te krijgen wat de komende dagen zou gaan gebeuren. Die zaterdag gingen we dus naar mijn vaders huis en lieten hem zonder dat hij ergens van wist bij de opvang.

Aan het eind van die dag wisten we meer en gingen we nadenken hoe we hem moesten inlichten en voorbereiden. We maakten het volgende schema en zondagmiddag ging mijn vrouw hem ophalen.

We begonnen met uitleggen wat er gebeurd was en dat we de hond die zaterdag naar een pension gebracht hadden.

We vervolgenden met de belangrijkste zaken. Bij het uitleggen moesten we van hem er per dag bij schrijven dat hij die dag niet naar school zou gaan.

Dat dit allemaal zichtbaar was maakte het hem een stuk duidelijker en hij pakte het goed op. En toen hij maandagmorgen vroeg of hij mocht computeren kon ik hem terug verwijzen naar dit schema waarop hij kon zien dat we eerst naar het huis zouden gaan en dat hij daar zou computeren.

Die vrijdag was de begrafenis en dat was wat lastiger in beeld te brengen omdat er zo veel activiteiten zouden zijn. Toch gaf het hem die week veel rust dat hij een idee had wat er zou gaan gebeuren en dat we vrijdags weer naar huis zouden gaan en zaterdag’s de hond weer zouden halen.

Het ging goed die week met hem, een aantal keer moesten we nog wat verduidelijken of aanvullen, maar hij had waarschijnlijk heel wat meer problemen gehad als we dit niet zichtbaar hadden gemaakt.

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Version 1.5.1 is now online


  • 91 Sclera symbols, translated to Dutch, English, German and French
  • A few buttons in the layout template editor to copy entered information like position and width of symbols to all other pictos in the template


  • Photo symbols in the network situation were not properly saved, they only worked on the system they were created and not on the other systems in the network. Resaving such sheet will fix this now.

The new version can be installed by selecting the menu item “Check for updates” in the “Help” menu.

I’ve also received over 700 new sclera symbols, i’m currently translating them to dutch and will send a update to the other translators…

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Version 1.5.0 is now online

2011-1-27 Version 1.5.0

This version is now using a database system to store it’s information. Initially it will work just like before. But it is possible to put the database on a network server. Some documentation (in english) is included to tell what is needed if you want to use Picto Selector from multiple systems at the same time.

This version includes:

  • database phase 1: local database – no need to install a database system, it is included in Picto Selector itself
  • database phase 2: network database – see documentation how to make this work
  • database phase 3: manual and semi automatic synchronization – use a local database and put a database on a network, you can synchronize your information to this database. Very usefull for laptops which are regulary connected with a network.
  • portable: put the complete installation (including images) on a removable disk to run it in portable mode
  • svg image support, the nounproject svg files ( can be used as user pictos, thanks to Nils Haeck M.Sc. of who donated the source to enable this.

More information about the Picto Selector database is available at:
Picto Selector Blog about database


  • usermanager, all sheets are now owned by a user. Only the Administrator is allowed to:
    • Synchronize the database to another network database
    • Import Symbol set package
    • Change Picto Folder
    • Hide Categories (this is no longer stored in the registry)
    • Configure Database
    • User Pictos which are only active for the current computer, on other systems they need to be added again.
      This works this way because the location can be different for each computer
    • Manage Layout Templates


  • menu structure has changed to reflect the possibility to reload and save picto sheets and some options are moved to a configuration menu

Good to know:

  • The administrator can not be removed
  • When a password is given to the administrator then all users can enter a password
  • The startup time of Picto Selector has improved a lot (except for the first time)
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Database version status – beta now! – (update)

I’ve just send a message to the translators with the following text 🙂 :

This is the new beta including the database part, which means that there is a lot to translate.

If you already started with translating the earlier beta, please send me what you finished so far and I will update your work with some new texts.

You can find the beta at:

If you want you can install it over the old Picto Selector, or use another folder and change the pictofolder. The database in this version will be updated when needed.

This version includes:

  • database phase 1: local database
  • database phase 2: network database
  • database phase 3: manual and semi automatic synchronization
  • portable: put the complete installation (including images) on a removable disk to run it in portable mode
  • svg image support, the nounproject svg files (”) can be used as user pictos, thanks to Nils Haeck M.Sc. of who donated the source to enable this.

Also several bugfixes on the earlier version.

(Update 27 january 2011) Now working on a final build and all the needed documentation, website updates etc for this new version. Will go life this weekend if nothing bad shows up

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Version 1.2.15 is now online


  • 162 Sclera symbols, translated to English, Dutch, German and French

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Providing structure and order to your autistic child

It’s holiday for many children. But it can be difficult to enjoy this time with autistic children when all structure is gone.

That’s why routines and schedules are very important these days. Creating them is affordable to everyone now and very easy to do.

Just start with the most important things: getting out of bed, eating, drinking, what to do this morning, tomorrow’s morning, this evening etc.

When you make a schedule you can best follow it and if something changes also change the schedule. You can do this in Picto Selector or use a pencel when the schedule was printed.

The level of details depends on the needs of your child. Some children need details for each quarter with time to time descriptions and another only for morning, afternoon and evening.

Just give it a try and provide your child with visual clues about his or her time. What can you lose?

More information:

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Picto Selector Database – more status

I had a request for a portable version of Picto Selector which will be used as a extra on the USB stick of the visitors of Modem-dag, a Belgium event at 11 february.

But to get the USB’s ready i will need a proper version next wednesday (22 december) so i ‘m in a hurry to get it ready.

But it looks fine so far. I’ve used the new database version and rechecked whether everything is now stored in the database. And when picto selector is started from a removable disk it will now start in portable mode. Which means that the computername to store it’s settings is always the same. User picto’s are only stored in a sub folder and png’s are always read from another sub folder.

The portable mode also displays a warning about the need to properly close the application before disconnecting.

The tests i needed to do for this portable version also stabilizes the ‘normal’ local storage option. They are identical only is the location of the database fixed to be in a subfolder.

I’ve also started on synchronization. The manual synchronization is almost working (no user interface yet), which means that I can merge two databases. This can result in duplication of users if the unique id’s are different. There’s not much i can do about that without difficult algoritmes and comparison dialogs. (if 2 users are really the same you can always merge them yourself by giving the picto sheets to 1 user and delete the other, but at least you will know why you do it)

When this works i will continue with the semi automatic synchronization. It is semi because you will have to start it manually. And before using the first time a manual synchronization will be an option to get it working. After the first time only changes will be synchronized. Deletions, inserts and changes will be replicated in the other database.

The way it works should be:

  1. Installing Picto Selector on the system(s)
  2. Run it on all systems to create a first user and import the ‘old’ picto sheets into that user
  3. Synchronize manually on the systems to a network database (only needed when using local storage)
  4. Do a first semi automatic synchronization to initialize it

Then each time you want (once a week for instance) you can start the semi automatic synchronization which synchronizes only the changes after the last synchronization

When this works as expected I will publish the first database version. I will give it some time to ensure everyting works ok and add a automatic synchronization which will try to connect to the other database by itself and synchronize in the background while using Picto Selector.

If people want to test the network version send me a message then I wil add you to a beta group.

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Version 1.2.14 is now online


  • 201 Sclera symbols, translated to English, Dutch and French
  • Most of the Arasaac symbols are translated to portuguese brazilian and portuguese.
  • Poruguese is also added to the installer and as a selectable language in Picto Selector. Picto Selector it self is not yet translated

The new version can be installed by selecting the menu item “Check for updates” in the “Help” menu.

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