Online Backups and a giveaway

Why backups?

Did you ever wonder what you would miss when you’re computer is destroyed (and I mean burned or stolen or something like that). How many photo’s and documents will be lost? And in my situation the Picto Selector source code… The computer is easily replaced but there are a lot of personal documents you can not replace. The same happens if a computer virus strikes and formats your hard-disk. Enough reason to think about getting them somewhere save.

Why online?
You can store you’re photo’s on DVD’s and hopefully they will be readable after 2 or 3 years. But as long as you have you’re backups in the same house as you’re computer you are still vulnerable to loose both the backups and you’re computer.
But if you put it somewhere online then the chance on loosing both the online and local data at the same time becomes very small.

Organizing your hard disk
I’ve all my important data located in 1 folder (with a lot of sub-folders) which makes it very easy to decide what I need to backup. It contains all the word documents that we have created in the past years, photo’s, the outlook email pst files (containing 10 years of emails) and all the Delphi source code of Picto Selector and other projects i’ve worked on. This is really important data to me!

So i was looking for a good way to store my backups online and found out about Amazon S3, which is a huge provider of all kind of cloud services. They do not sell a backup service, but online storage (which can also be used for a website).

Amazon is asking money for the online storage. About 0.125 dollar for each GB you store on their service. They also ask money for the data transfer, but that is not very important when you create a backup. You only transfer it once and after that only the files that are changed.

To backup on Amazon I still needed a good tool. I started with a freeware tool called Bonkey, but I had too much files in my data folder and it failed after about 16 hours uploading. And because of the failure nothing was stored online.

Cloudberry Online Backup Desktop
I’m now evaluating another tool, it is not freeware but so far it seems to work fine. I can tell it what to backup and when (even automatically for each file I save to my data folder). The Amazon S3 account was already created for my earlier attempt, but there are fine descriptions how to create an Amazon S3 account if you do not have one already.

The backup took 2 days and you can stop the backup (pauzing a backup and stopping a backup is the same here) and continue later. It will start to scan the folders again and continue what was not already uploaded. In my case I have created a backup of 21GB and running the scan a second time takes about 7 minutes to completely scan my folders and backup some changed files. It will be faster when no files are changed.

You can backup manually or set a schedule. The service will run even without logging in into your computer. You just have to be sure that the computer is running on the scheduled time.

Restoring is very simple, just select the files you want to get from the backup to get them back. It is also possible to do this on another system.

My conclusion is that it does exactly I want it to do: create a copy of my files in a save place. Using schedules it is just set and forget and hopefully you will never need it 🙂

More information:
Amazon S3:
Cloudberry Online Backup Desktop:


I’m allowed to give away 3 licenses, so send a email “” before march 14th and I will pick 3 names!
The winners have received a message, congratulations!


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2 Responses to Online Backups and a giveaway

  1. mamalua says:

    Thank you so very much!

  2. Back up is a good solution for emergency things happen to your data or computer,not a days it is very important to have an backup,in Europe Finland part most of the people already have their own online back to make sure everything,glad you share some lesson.

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