Designing a database for Picto Selector – settings

Between each session of Picto Selector some settings are stored for all kind of data:
– which graphic to use for good and wrong
– colors and bordersettings last used in a picto sheet
– language to use
– location of the images on the HD

This is the complete list of all settings and the way I want to store them in a Database.

      Sync Not Sync Not Sync
DB Setting name type DB Type User Computer App Dir
Language string VARCHAR(250) X    
PrintTitleFont TFont VARCHAR(250) X    
PrintPictoNameFont TFont VARCHAR(250) X    
PrintPictoTextFont TFont VARCHAR(250) X    
CustomPictoDir string VARCHAR(250)     X
UseCustomPictoDir boolean INT     X
PictoGood TBitmap BLOB X    
PictoGoodColor TColor INT X    
PictoWrong TBitmap BLOB X    
PictoWrongColor TColor INT X    
LastVersion string VARCHAR(250)   X  
LastVersionDate TDateTime TIMESTAMP   X  
LastVersionNeverCheck boolean INT   X  
GroupFrom string VARCHAR(250) X    
GroupNameCreator string VARCHAR(250) X    
EmailFrom string VARCHAR(250) X    
EmailTo string VARCHAR(250) X    
EmailToHistory string BLOB X    
SelectedSets integer INT X    
PictoClockColors type splitted X    
PictoTimeTimerColors type splitted X    
BorderColor TColor INT X    
BorderWidth integer INT X    
BorderRound integer INT X    
FormStates inifile splitted X X  

Some settings are stored over multiple records in the database:

PCCType ClockType TClockType INT
PCCBackground ClockColorsBackground TColor INT
PCCFace ClockColorsFace TColor INT
PCCNumbers ClockColorsNumbers TColor INT
PCCHourTicks ClockColorsHourTicks TColor INT
PCCMinuteTicks ClockColorsMinuteTicks TColor INT
PCCHourHand ClockColorsHourHand TColor INT
PCCMinuteHand ClockColorsMinuteHand TColor INT
PCCDigitalBackground ClockColorsDigitalBackground TColor INT
PCCDigitalNumbers ClockColorsDigitalNumbers TColor INT
PTCType TimeTimerType TTimeTimerType INT
PTCBackground TimeTimerColorsBackground TColor INT
PTCFace TimeTimerColorsFace TColor INT
PTCFacePast TimeTimerColorsFacePast TColor INT
PTCNumbers TimeTimerColorsNumbers TColor INT
PTCFiveMinutesTicks TimeTimerColorsFiveMinutesTicks TColor INT
PTCMinuteTicks TimeTimerColorsMinuteTicks TColor INT
PTCDigitalBackground TimeTimerColorsDigitalBackground TColor INT
PTCDigitalNumbers TimeTimerColorsDigitalNumbers TColor INT
Form states      
FS_<FORMNAME>_L Left integer INT
FS_<FORMNAME>_T Top integer INT
FS_<FORMNAME>_W Width integer INT
FS_<FORMNAME>_H Height integer INT
FS_<FORMNAME>_S State integer INT


The Settings that are stored for each user will be synchronized, settings stored for a computer will not be synchronized.

About Picto-Selector

Creator of Picto-Selector, father of 3 children, one of them Autistic
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