Designing and building a database for Picto Selector

All the picto sheets are currently stored in a text file in the My Documents folder. This makes it a single user application and not suited for sharing sheets with other computer users. I had some questions for a network version and decided to build a database for Picto Selector.

But only building a database was not enough. I also want to be able to disconnect from a network and continue working and after returning home (or at school etc) continue working. For this i’m adding a synchronization option.

3 Phases

Phase 1:

A database that replaces the text file. Everyone still works single user.

Phase 2:

The database running on a network server. (The local database will still be available)

Phase 3:

The option to synchronize with a server. So you can run Picto Selector with a local database and send all changes to a server, all changes on the server will be send to you.

This means in the above example that a picto sheet created by a user on PC 1 will be stored in the first server. Laptop 1 will be synchronized with this database and store it locally. Later it will synchronize the sheet to another server and eventually PC 5 will get this sheet synchronized.

About Picto-Selector

Creator of Picto-Selector, father of 3 children, one of them Autistic
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